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things I cannot stand:

Wrinkly clothes - there is nothing that looks worse than someone wearing wrinkly clothes… it looks like you just picked up your clothes from the floor after they’ve been in a pile for days. IRON YOUR CLOTHES PEOPLE. It’s not that hard. Buy an iron, seriously, it’s a great investment so you don’t look like a slob. I actually have anxiety when my clothes are wrinkly in public. 

Sliding into the backseat of a car all the way across to the other side - NO. NO. NO. NO. I would rather take the extra 5? maybe 10 seconds and walk around to the other side, instead of fucking sliding my body across the whole backseat. Am I the only one who finds that super annoying? Especially when you get in and the other person wants you to slide in and you have no fucking choice because that person is too lazy to walk around the car. 

Scuffed shoes - When my shoes get scuffs on them or get dirty, my whole day is ruined. My shoes are my favourite part of my outfit… I like them clean and pristine. 

Being rushed - WHY YOU GOTTA RUSH ME FOR? Slow down, take a second, smell the fucking roses. Like when I’m out to dinner and the other person scarfs their food down like a wild animal that has been starved for days, that’s not okay. Or when I’m shopping in a store and trying clothes on, I like to take my time and look around and spend a couple minutes in front of the mirror to figure out if I’m going to buy the piece of clothing I’ve tried on. 

Rubbing up against a dirty car - I can’t stress this enough people, if you are going to wear black, and it’s winter and your car has salt stains on it, GET INTO YOUR CAR CAREFULLY. You look homeless with white shit all over your black TNA coat. 

That’s it for the 1st edition of things I cannot stand, Rant over. 

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